No Exceptions

The fearful truth is there is nothing separating you from this abyss.  We refer to authority because in authority we can find conditions to smother our unconditionality.  We are attracted to stories of inadequacy for the safe havens they provide, but in fact there is not one condition or prerequisite, no matter how subtle or minor, you can rightly apply to yourself.  There is not one truth out there that can support your story of progress.  The horrible truth is, you have only ever been complete.  You and conditions don’t mix.  You stand toe to toe with Vastness.

The Crux of It

Listen, seriously….there are a ton of different things you could say or be told about life, you, enlightenment, meaning, purpose and so on. That’s not the issue….that isn’t really the core of it.

Are you different from life?


Then, none of this matters.


Wherever I turn to look, I am displaced, pushed out by what I see.

At where the curtains form shadows on the floor, dark folds of fabric.

Through the windows, over the road, to where a silver door knocker glints grey daylight.

The electric blue of the flickering wireless router, too blue to actually be blue.

Repeatedly “now” is revealed to be yet another veil and “this moment” to be a fantasy.