Get rid of the spare wheel

For some reason, for no more than a moment, triangulation ends.  I’ve no idea why.  That third point of reference, that lingering authority, that solution to what is before me is in fact what is making this, right now, unbearable.

This right now, for you, needs no one else, no guru, no shepherd.

This right now, for you, wants you alone, is for your eyes only.

There is a privacy here, an intimacy.  You’re alone.  No one is watching.


2 thoughts on “Get rid of the spare wheel

  1. When that third point of reference leaves it’s a gift. Intimacy everywhere. Rejoicing that the Universe can pull away the triangulation if for no more than this moment.

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Yes, it’s such a gift. Somehow, even for just a second, that “third element”, that experiential crutch…is just not there! Where’s it gone? Then, it’s just me and this….exactly as you say…”intimacy everywhere”.

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