So Simple it Hurts

Your enlightenment depends not on your efforts but simply on how you see yourself…just as the enlightenment of those around you depends on how you see them.  There is no spiritual metamorphosis; the change barely occurs at all leaving no evidence behind and certainly could never be recorded.  No, this shift occurs only in your imagination, privately between you and yourself.  As far as the world is concerned, there is absolutely nothing to notice or celebrate.  Though strangely, in this tiniest of nods to yourself, a quiet celebration spreads across every face you lay eyes upon.


Where Fairies Live

We think of the unknown as a mysterious aspect of everything we know.  We try to find it by looking at things with a special look or approach.  But the home of the unknown lies in you.

In fact the unknown is right at your centre, at that one part of you that you have always assumed to be known better than anything, your familiar upstream vantage point on life.

You see, to see a fairy, you must become a fairy.  To see the unknown you must be the unknown.  The unknown is invisible to everything except itself.

You and your mind are just ideas, theories, reflections to cover up what is hard to admit; the fact that you don’t and can’t have a clue who you are. You are always unknown and unfamiliar even to yourself, and seeing this you’re instantly in the real world, a world of wonders.