Life spends most of its time out of view, existing in private.  We spend our days, as if in a concealed room living with a sense that we both know things and own things.  Perhaps knowing and owning are the same process? To shift back to sanity means, in a way, to give back everything to life. To put things back on the shelves where they belong and to admit, painlessly, that we never knew or owned anything, inside or out…not even our most familiar feelings belong to us. And as we return them, they reveal how they were never ours and were just taking time in our presence for a while before moving on.  


2 thoughts on “Kn-own-ing

  1. Thanks so much for writing and I’m really happy to hear this meaningful for you….I have no idea how these writings will be received so it’s heart-warming to hear that they resonate with you. Thank you.

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