The child steps from immediate time into, what Krishnamurti called, “psychological time”; out of “what is” into a false dimension along which imaginary pursuits of escape, search and becoming could all take place in the imaginary phase of life called adulthood.

In truth, there is no escape but only the story of escape; no actual search, but merely an on-going story of “my search” and “my becoming”.  So when or how did this “false journeying” begin?

Perhaps the “confidence in the immediate” was slowly eroded by the growing belief in the reality of opposites.  (Note, an opposite has never been observed and has always run counter to our intuitive sense that this is one singular event.)

And the first opposites we are taught, perhaps life and death, good and bad set to work in multiplying like bacteria and over the years, like a sinkhole, we find that our insides have been eaten away, leaving a cavernous sense of apparently uncaused disquiet.


3 thoughts on “Sinkhole

  1. Hello,

    Could you say a bit more about an opposite never having been observed? I’m a bit confused about that.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Prisca,
      What I mean here is that “opposites” fall within the way we describe things; they do not come through experience itself. For instance, we may grow up as children with the belief that death is somehow opposite, or in opposition to, life. If this happens, the wheels of effort and search for a safe haven begin to turn. Opposites breed choices and choices breed consequences and our childhood brow begins to crease with anxiety and confusion. In our hearts, though, we know that there is only this movement without opposite. Thanks for writing.

      1. Hello Jamie,

        I appreciate you taking the time to explain, thank you. I found Sinkhole very evocative.

        Best wishes,


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