March 18th 2013               

Hi there,

How’s it going?  I just wanted to introduce myself. I feel a little awkward and embarrassed about this because I haven’t shared this much….I’m a bit anxious about how it’s going to come across.

You see, the thing is…how can I put this………I’m you. 

I know, I know, crazy, right?  Yes, I totally understand.  I know it absolutely looks like I’m someone else, over here, doing my own thing, with my own special name.  But honestly, I’m just another you, over here.

Yes, I look and sound a bit different and yes, we were born and will die at different times.  So I do understand why this sounds odd, even nonsense.

But, you see, there just aren’t lots of different kinds of us.  It’s hard for me to explain; trust me or trust yourself; it’s the same thing.  You see, I’m not calling you from outside…I’m trying to reach you from inside, you get me?

Put it like this, if you like……..there is only one personality here….life’s personality.  Do you follow me?

Anyway, really nice to meet you finally.

See you around.




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