3 thoughts on “Truth or Dare

    1. Hi Marga,

      Thanks so much for writing. I don’t know. Perhaps oneness and separation are just different ways of seeing the same thing….or perhaps separation exists within oneness. Who knows….and does it matter anyway? Perhaps they are both beliefs and we would prefer to believe in oneness rather than separation. Perhaps separation is more of a feeling than a fact….

      One thing that comes to mind, though, is that whatever we say about life….about how it is…..and about why it is the way it is…..it’s only valid for a moment. Anything more than this, and we have made a conclusion…we are out of the unknown and on the river’s bank again. So…and this is just for me…..I notice that my sense of separation is tied to my sense of “getting it”…..so in the poem above, the idea behind it was that nothing, however wonderful and truthful, is worth holding on to…….dying into inseparability is my heart’s greatest wish….and of course, in the end, will prevail.

      Thanks again for writing.


      1. Hi Jamie,

        “Perhaps separation is more of a feeling than a fact….”

        That comes close, very close, to the truth. (for this moment anyway)



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