Mirage of Optionality

After all the miracles upon miracles in succession, obediently, relentlessly bringing us to this moment, after all the unlikeliness and all the herculean struggle…

To entertain that now, we can exercise our vote on how this moment presents itself and the somersaults it must perform to be worthy, seems miraculously arrogant, monumentally tragic.

There is only total equality between moments; each serves as a vital stepping stone, indispensable carriage, from here to here, nowhere to nowhere,

Each moment glistening with its own “never-to-be-seen-again-ness”, unending labyrinth of overlooked detail, a private dance for you, its audience of one.

To believe in choice is to believe in a world of avoidability, responsibility and regret but to see the mirage of optionality for what it is, is to open the floodgates of compassion, availability and lightening response.


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