Yes without No

And from now on, let’s live without the shadow of death.  Even if it be on faith alone, I say there is no death.  I see only life and believe in only life.  For all the evidence I have convinces me that there is only life without an opposite.  And if life is just an idea, then let it dissolve but this, whatever this is, is singular without another….an arrow in endless flight, a constant note, an army without foe. And I don’t give a damn if I’m wrong about this.  I don’t deny my mortality; that I will someday die. But what I deny is that there is anything beyond or opposed to life and I deny that there is anything other than life.  I refuse to let my life be spoilt by this greatest of fears; that there is something other than this.  I refuse to be hurried and muddled by this lurking nightmarish fantasy.  Of course I see change, I see my own aging, I see dying.  But I don’t see death. I say it is an impossibility.


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