It’s not the picture you need to consider.  Instead, give some thought to the subtle frame around it. Consider what it does to the picture and how it mediates your relationship.  What is this “frame” that I’m talking about?  Without it, what happens to that sense of separation?


Comfortably Possible

If you are suffering in your search, it’s very probably because you are trying to do something that is impossible.  Don’t blame the suffering; don’t blame yourself; blame the impossible task.  if someone tells you to do something that seems impossible, trust your instinct, walk away.  If someone tells you to do something that you are already doing, give a nod or smile and enjoy the rest of your life. The only thing that is real is what is comfortably possible for you, already.


Collective nouns are trouble-makers; they invariably absorb attention away from pre-word out-there-ness and stir up conflict by insisting on their own realness.  The word “mind” refers to the sum total of individual thoughts….a dot-to-dot image of something that is not a thing in itself.  The word “life” is perhaps the most strongly guarded idea; who would dare suggest there is no such thing?  But is not “life” just a convenient, “catch all” word to hold together this succession of perceptions?  We sleep…..but there is a wild, unknowable storm out there, raging beyond our most mundane certainties.


The war you wage upon your experience was never, in fact, your war, never instigated by you, nor do you really support it.  Truly, you are not at odds with what is before you…you do not truly want to sever the ties between your intimately private perceptions….but you have become complicit in an arbitrary rejection of what is.  Strange as it may sound, you have never wanted foreign happiness, freedom or perfection.  Yes, society’s flotsam obscures your vision, but deep down you have always been quite content for things to be as they already are.