Remember to Forget

There is no limit to what you can forget.  This is your final freedom.


One Step Too Far (Part 2)

Not that I can know your “this”

Nor you know my “this”

Not that our “thises” can join

Nor be compared or measured

But the undeniable “thisness” of “this”

We can know

We can communicate

And stop there

The Cuckmere

He’d driven for some time

Before coming to a narrow bridge

A sign saying Cuckmere.

“That’s odd” he thought

“The same Cuckmere?”

Its banks steep and close

Water a quick muddy brown

Not the slow, low-banked friend

He thought he knew.

“But then, how recognizable am I now

After all these twists and turns?

And is there a stretch of me

That still races over

Mixed pebbled shallows?”