Ultimate reality? Absolute truth?

There’s nothing “ultimate” about ultimate reality.

Nothing supra-dimensional, nothing timeless,

Everything relative, everything transitory.

What’s so ultimate about the sheen on the floor?

About the smell of evening air through the bathroom window?

These things are so much closer, so much more dangerous!

You look at the blue sky and think of benevolent ultimate reality?

I tell you, you see it for what it is,

See the killer tone behind the word “blue”,

See the sheer drop behind the word “sky”,

You see all that….it’ll bite your head off.


2 thoughts on “Bitten

  1. Yes, I care so much…and it’s so lovely to try to share….I care so much that I’ll take whatever route I can find just to try to touch this, just for half a second. Thanks so much for writing!

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