Job Centre

Just in case your reality right now is painful and the dominant feeling is that you just want this to be over and that it seems impossible just to get through this in one piece without pain, consider that your role is not to get through life at all.  Indeed, you don’t really have a role, you’re basically unemployable! Yes, if you want a role, then the only available position is being life itself, every last bit of it. Aside from that, you’re useless.



2 thoughts on “Job Centre

  1. I see you’re adding pictures now. Did you take them yourself?

    Sometimes an image says more then a Thousand words. Oh what cliché, true though!

    1. Hi Marga….yes, the pictures really help sometimes to create more feeling and go a little further beyond the words. These recent ones are taken from pictures I’ve found online but I’d like to start adding some of my own. In fact, as well as pictures, I’d like to experiment more with music too, keeping things as varied as possible. Thanks so much for writing!

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