An evening run after work through Clifton Downs and he suddenly found himself in another world.  “Prehistoric doesn’t mean a long time ago” he thought. “No, this life, this vision is always prehistoric.”  The trees in the park looked very much like trees, yet they were not trees….related, yes, but slightly different.  Greener, bushier, more mobile in some way.  The grass that he ran through, was, again, very much like the grass he knew.  Yet is was more like a  flowing carpet, smoother, more remarkable.  The sun was just inexplicable…..as bright as it was ancient.  The groups of young things playing football, were very similar to people…but perhaps more like pre-people.  They seemed to stand and stare, and in their groups it was as if they saw each other as reflections of the same, basic thing, and there was an air of harmony.  When he got home from his run, he stripped off and looked into the mirror in the bathroom.  There he was, unembarrassed, prehistoric, human.



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