This is not about making life more pleasant

This is not about striking a secret deal

So that life throws less painful shit your way

Things never get better; no upward slope here

Life will be the first to stab you in the back.

There is no protection against experience

If you’re looking for protection, you are doubly screwed

We’re all equal candidates for life’s horrors

Shit can, does and will happen to you

Again no protection was ever on offer

So, start from that fact…be grounded there

Experience has its own natural lubricant

It comes, shocks, hurts, horrifies and is over

You, a gaping throat, remain



One thought on “Boa

  1. The trouble is that we are educated wrongly to suppose everything will be pleasant and agreeable so the opposite reality is an unpalatable shock. Some of us never recover from this shock and find their only solution in concepts of unfairness and blame.

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