Note on “Shepherd” and others

Something I’ve been thinking of recently is how to explore my very early, heartfelt belief and faith in Christianity.  After the age of about 10, I left it behind and went on the to consider numerous other religions and non-religions, looking for answers and life models.  Nevertheless, for some reason or other, I’ve felt this wish to re-enter the Christian metaphor for a while, I think because it was the Christian metaphor that was the first to interface with my original wonder.  For this reason, there was a kind of purity about my childhood faith as each of the symbols were imbued with an innocent fullness of meaning and trust.  

All this writing is meant to be, is an expression of original and final freedom.  All it is meant to accomplish is to trigger or reignite that same spark in the reader.  We speak with complete vision, complete oversight, from the start.  So, there is nothing I will not explore.  I have nothing to lose by this endeavour.  I will make the greatest of errors and misjudgments in the interests of this free exploration.  Truth is everywhere we turn.


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