If I say, I am struggling here; that my life seems to be a series of short-term, failed attempts to position myself against daily and final annihilation; that I’m endlessly confounded by waking and rediscovering that my struggle is not over, my suffering is still active, my lack is still pressing…does all that make me guilty or does that make me innocently alive?



2 thoughts on “Innocence

  1. Hello Jamie,
    Funny, that you chose a little bird to accompanie this item.
    It reminded me of a writing by Jeff Foster, where he speaks of the bird in the garden that doesn’t struggle with life, doesn’t try to understand it , and certainly never attempts to escape from it.
    Whenever I’m struggling, at some moment this story comes to my mind, it really helps!
    But one way or another, you’re still as innocent as that bird I suppose!

    kindest regards,


  2. Hi Marga,

    Thanks so much for writing and for your thoughts. Yes, it’s so easy to forget isn’t it….suffering seems so closely tied to this forgetting of innocence, in my experience anyway, and this innocence is something I’ve felt like writing about recently.

    Thanks again for writing.


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