Conspiracy Theory

Which feels true out of the following options:

a) You were born from parents, who themselves were born from parents, into a world that was born from a universe that was itself born out of nothing.  You live in this world as a creature called a human with an unclear purpose and you have a uncertain future life that you are in the process of living out until you die and disappear from this floating creation.

b) You are what you see.



3 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theory

  1. Hi Jamie,

    You asked,………… so………………………if I had to chose I would go for option a.

    I get so sick and tired of conspiracy theories.

    Option c: You are what you don’t see.



    1. Hi Marga,

      Yes, I guess you could choose a, b or your c (we are what we don’t see) or all of them. To me, it seems that the option (a) represents the common sense version of reality that we all accept, and in a way, is completely true. But there is still an element of effort, or faith, in holding that version to be a complete solution to our need to express the reality in which we find ourselves. So, option (b) is meant to not necessarily replace option (a) but offer an alternative perspective that involves no effort at all and feels both utterly right and yet utterly irrational. You could say that option (b) is the intuitive, unlearned perspective.

      I used the title “Conspiracy Theory” because in popular culture we love and hate conspiracy theories but mostly no one takes them seriously. However, ironically, the common sense version of reality (option a) is, you could say, just another theory that we are all taught to believe in while our intuitive child-like sense is that we need a far more “intimate version of reality” to satisfy ourselves.

      Anyway, just a few thoughts. Thanks so much for writing!

      Best wishes,


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