Universal Rating

Every single detail of your experience has been authorized, sanctioned by life itself.  Your experience, every detail of it, known only by you, has been ordained by life. Yes? Or another way.  There is nothing in your experience, nothing amid what is happening, that life has not conspired to present to you.  There is nothing that you are not supposed to be viewing.

Look around wherever your standing, sitting or lying.  For me, right now, I am in a kitchen, painted off-white, two pictures in front of me on the wall.  To the right, there is a bread board, some olives (8 to be exact), some pieces of bread and, I would guess, about 50 variously sized crumbs.  It’s hot, the windows are open, there is a dripping sound from the drain pipe that runs down the side of the building.  These are the things I’m talking about.  Every single happening, every tiny detail, has been pre-approved.

Nothing can happen without the help of life.  Nothing can happen outside the scope of life….there are no separated quarters or levels of “unauthorized”, “illicit” life.  Of course, it may appear to be a “private, work-in-progress”, but there is really no private and so no progress.   Everything is public, open, within one shared field of time and space.



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