Scorched Earth

Forest Fire Fire line
Forest Fire Fire line (Photo credit: Nahh)

Dear _____________,

If I were to say I feel there might be a part of you that wished I were not here, though we love each other, would you venture to guess what I might be thinking of?

If I could disappear from your life completely, even for an instant, dare you admit there would be some relief there for you, some space to feel the breeze against your skin again?

Is there not the slightest fragrance of fact in my suspicion that I depress you very subtly, that I force you to remember yourself in a certain way you long to forget?

So, my dear, if I were to say to you I will no longer think of you, no longer carry you, be silent to you in my thoughts, could you understand my good intention?

For how will you sense the fullness of this life, how can your horizons have the breadth of mine and mine of yours, if I do not let you alone, release you from my inner holding?

Perhaps it is time for our shadows to say their farewells so we may walk the rest of the distance alone and know the full expansiveness of our hearts before the night closes upon us.

And though my mind be quiet of you, my love, we will be filled to the brim with the same ecstasy and rejoicing.

We will meet again and on that day, you will not meet a memory of yourself in my gaze but the flames of the same fire that burns within you.


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