We could say there are two spheres. One sphere represents “self”; the other sphere represents “life”.  Seeking is really about the heartfelt need to find a conscious definition of the relationship between these two spheres.  I must know my relationship to life. I must. The search is for nothing more than a conscious, perfectly correct answer

And so it goes on.  There may come a time when the search itself shows clearly that no answer, no definition can be found, and seeking may simply stop for a moment, or completely.  Regardless for how long, even for a split second, it is clear that there is no peril in not being able to know or define this relationship.  The floor does not fall from our feet.

There is no need to talk about life without seeking.  This is for us all to taste again and return to, like caught fish released back into open water.  Guidance is only ever needed for a life of seeking.  For the fish released, knowing is unnecessary as there is no division that needs to be bridged.  When seeking stops, the tension and effort of “relationing” end.  No guidance applies after that….only flat, uncharted freedom.


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