Here we are darling
You and me
With our toy cars
On this garden wall 
Up to your shoulders
Up to my thighs, for now.
And you know, you’ll be here some day 
Exactly here just as I am here…
And what will be is what is now
And what was and what was before that.
And sometimes you’ll look up into the evening
And all it will be is this Volume, darling
This great Volume
And I wonder if you’ll know what I mean 
When the time comes.
But you will
Just as now in your small years
Walking into the morning kitchen
I see you stop and live right there
Stop dead right at the fact of things
All the whys and wherefores still with their lustre.
And now the day has gone dark
It’s been a fun day hasn’t it
So much racing with your many cars
So much fun, so much fun
And in your black bedroom
We share the same pillow now
Switch places with one another
I’ll be you, you be me
While your dreams crack and curl
I’ll keep watch in this dark room
Letting the aloneness come upon us both
The aloneness of cathedrals and deserts
Where the branch breaks
And then, darling, wherever you are now
Wherever I am now
There will always be 
This single