Nothing Much

[Dialling tone………]


Hi there, only me…

Hi dear, how’re things?

Great thanks, yes, everything is going well…how about you?

Yes, pretty good really thanks, busy with everything

Yes, same here, really busy too

So, how’s work?

Good, yes, good…out seeing clients, same as usual really, but enjoying it

Good, that’s the main thing, isn’t it…and family, how’s everyone?

Yes, they’re all pretty well, really…little one is enjoying school, loves it, can’t wait to get in there

Ah that’s great

So how about you…all keeping well?

Yes, yes, same as usual, no news really

Yes, well, just calling to say hello, nothing much this end either

Well, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of you over the holidays

Yes, hopefully, yes, that’d be nice

Well, ok then…

There’s this branch

Sorry, didn’t catch that?

There’s this branch right in front, a pine tree I think…

Oh…really, well…

Must be something like that, got all its needles still…

Something about it, can’t put my finger on it…I’ve been looking at it while we’ve been speaking, see…and there’s this light on it, you know, sunlight, from behind, coming through…

The light is so low, hurting my eyes nearly, glancing right off the bark…seems like the whole tree is lit inside out…every single needle…

Makes you shiver, doesn’t it…well, sorry, what am I on about, ignore me…haha..I won’t keep you on

No, no…

You’ll say hello to everyone from me won’t you?

Yes, yes, of course…is…is everything ok?

Oh, yes, all fine, you know me…

Well, bye then dear…call again soon

Yes, will do…bye now, love to all.


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