All Held (Lost for Words: Part 2)

My disposition, my inclination, my leaning…is to complexify, to counterpose.

I examine a point there, from a point here.

A point of volition, of action, of guilt, a point always in development.

And the insurmountable difficulty in this relationship with life rests on the hard fact that life does not require my relationship with it.

I was under the impression that my role in this was to extract the mysteriousness of life to form a kind of experiential elixir that both I and life would rejoice in.

But, I am not the saving agent for life’s incompleteness.

Everything is simply the case.  There are no points within this fact.

So there is an inherent redundancy in everything I choose to say.

You must also have noted the fact that life is happening without your approval.

See how it has gate-crashed in on everything.

And its sheer “guidelineslessness” and “happeningness” and “possibleness” is what holds everything here.

And the suffering and the suffering about suffering and the way spirituality tends to butcher it to pieces is all held along with everything else that might arise in this constant full-stop.



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