I Dare (Part 2)

My paradise is knowing
That everything, everything is noteworthy,
And also, from the very outset,
That mine is the right to be idly available
To whatever insignificancies choose to reveal themselves within my secret days.
Paradise, for me, is knowing that there is no guidance on how I spend this time,
No priorities, no authorities, no urgencies, nor waiting consequences.
It is the sheer luxuriance of my own curiosities and fancies.
It is the stunning fact that I have no clue when this will all be over,
And the corollary that I need not know as it makes no difference for how long this lasts, for there is no addition.
My paradise is knowing of the terrifying amount that you and I have in common,
Of our shared standpoint in this,
And shared disassociation with every label.
Not particularly human, nor particularly alive,
But the realness, yes, the realness…
That is paradise.


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