Destiny of Now

There is absolutely nothing I can say that deserves to be remembered by you. Every single utterance I make is eminently deletable. So, the question for me is, if everything I say could be judged to be wrong, inaccurate, immature, misled or inapplicable, and if I may treat everything you may say to me in the very same way, then where does that leave us? Because the fact is, I don’t give a damn what you say. There is nothing you can say that I can apply…because it is all already full here and the only song I can really hear is my own voice. Even your very best words are going to be forgotten by me.  The same must be true for you. My words, my insights, my carefully made perceptions, are simply…unessential.

So, where are we, then? What is left of our relationship? There is one thing, left. There is this immediate place of non-distance between us where there is no room for debate or differences. This place is ours alone, watertight, air-locked from authority and corruption. Nothing passes. There is no transmission. There are no separate allegiances, separate consequences, separate existential trajectories. This middle ground is our destiny, where we’ll always refind ourselves, our best efforts at winning, spent.

I’ve nothing important to say. Nor do you. So, peace.


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