Kicking the “K”

The change from seeking to seeing, for me, was about allowing myself to see life in “strata” rather than “linear” form. It was about accepting the obvious fact that every moment simply had to be total, not dependent on the next moment for its fulfillment or meaning. Every moment, every conscious capture of life, simply had to be a “total gulp”, a complete scene…because this very moment is being absolutely everything at all times to all living creatures. It is the very first, the very last, the most terrible, the most beautiful.

With this change to seeing, the unknown also takes on a different meaning. As everything is always “all-ing”, there is no space for the unknown to co-exist with the known in some kind of potential space, or alternative form. Perhaps along the lines of what Ramana Maharshi meant when he said from the point of view of consciousness, there is no unconscious. There is only what is known, what is presented, what comes to light. There are just familiar things like curtains and tables and the feeling of sun on bare feet and there are new things seen for the first time, but they are all within the field of what has shown up.

So what is the unknown, then? For me, allowing life the freedom to be total moments gives rise to the feeling that this is all made of something utterly unknown and unknowable. The unknown is not in competition with the known, nor does it simply occupy the portion of what is that has not yet been perceived or understood. Instead, the unknown is the very nature, the substance of everything, the stuff of dreams. This isn’t a belief in what the unknown is. We could forget about the word “unknown” completely. The sense is there.

And this is why there is nothing in particular to say. It’ll just be a comment about this or that because we’ll be talking about things as we see them. There may be similarities or differences, but there is no urgency for agreement, for convergence of experience and description of reality, because there is no approach or arrival, no development or uncovering. The unknown is never uncovered but vibrates through it all, wherever we happen to be…so you can forget once and for all that you need see any further than what you’re seeing right now.


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