Who are you Jamie?

What a terrifying question…where to start, which known self to choose or shall I invent another?

An open field, a forest, a pit of dark, a shard of light?

I’m adrift now in the open seas of adulthood, safety adrift from the jagged rocks of identity,

Ageless as the waves now that land is out of sight and memory begins to seem unnecessary.

Perhaps I’ll finish by saying just that our humbleness is our agility, our insight,

Our kindness is our freedom, our intelligence,

Our generosity is our availability and our gratitude is our wisdom.

And ecstasy hides for us within the folds of all our private moments

And our final affiliation can only rest with that most familiar airy untested backdrop of ourselves

So weak, so light as to be unable to support even a feather’s weight of certainty.

And now I rather feel like starting something new, another life perhaps.


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