The Only Possibility is Completeness

Don’t immediately take your life, being here as an excuse to start telling a story of personal incompleteness.  There is no need to subordinate this Situation into a story of partial living or to water down being into becoming.

That story is impossible.  It is in fact impossible that you are a known centre in a movement towards completeness.  It is an utterly impossible story that has never made sense, and certainly has never been proposed by life itself.

Thought comes back and back with the feeling and storyline of progress, decline, optimism, pessimism, and that familiar feeling of glancing experience and urging time.  But thought’s story began long ago.  It has no single home and no single master and it’ll continue long after you’re gone.  Time is simply how we refer to life spent from within a story. The thought-less, time-less world is always here, however, as if left alone, unnoticed, private.

The truth is that the only story there is, is this empty centre, a vantage point over and conjoined with everything.  The story is no story at all, but an unchanging inseparability with everything, with completeness.

So being here, is only an immediate view and a being of everything with no story at the core, no deferment, no creation of time, no distracting tale of an incomplete “liver” trying to be as complete as the life it finds itself within.


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