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Ever since a very young age, I have been interested in trying to find a way to communicate the sheer “unlikeliness” of “this right now” and what I see as “the triple miracle”: that this even exists at all, that this miraculousness of life can be expressed from one person to another and that this miraculousness of life can actually be overlooked and ignored!  For me at the time, the only “sensible” response to life and condition to be in was one of continual astonishment or surprise and I was baffled at why both myself and others were not living more from this basic position.  What is quite clear is that this mystery is not moving closer or further away and is never going to be in any way understood or demystified.

When I was very young, let’s say between six and ten years of age, I had an intuitive grasp of the truth of things that was utterly familiar and unspecial, yet somehow secret.  These intuitions were always very clear and indisputable and coexisted with everyday life casting a special light over everything when they came.  I use the word “intuition” to mean a kind of complete and self-evident certainty coming directly out of my own intimate experience.  This natural clarity seemed to be a direct response to the vastness of life and my enduring wish was to be able to constantly speak from this vantage point.

All that remained at that young age was for me to get completely lost, which I did…….a life long game of hide and seek that continues now ever more transparently.  And now, these little passages are just meant as lighthearted attempts at describing the way I see things.


16 thoughts on “About Jamie

    1. Hi Antonio,

      Yes, absolutely…..I don’t know which miracle is greater….the miracle that this is happening at all or the miracle that we can go around and never mention it to one another from birth till death!

      Though, I’ll also add, for me anyway…..one of the millions of traps that I’ve found myself in is the trap of trying to feel “in wonder” all of the time…..as if, constant wonder is the only legitimate state of mind to be in. Then of course it becomes stale and the word “miracle” becomes a tool.

      So this is even prior to that wonder…..perhaps that wonder is our first beautiful footsteps into separation.


  1. Ah yes. Lost and found. Have been playing that game myself. Thank you for the words of remembering and of speaking the longing to “wish was to be able to constantly speak from this vantage point”. This is sooo alive in me right now and the ability to “overlook” it at times is quite perplexing! Here’s to the ever-unfolding game of hide and seek…until a new game or lack of games becomes more appealing.

    1. Hi Kiara,
      Thanks for your message…..yes, I hear you. Found…and then lost again….and on and on it goes until I make my home in both places. Preference for one over the other gradually fades and the line between truth and falsity becomes blurred……utterly lost and utterly home.

  2. The wonder is indeed the separation,..and this, at the same time is the wander, the infinite multiplicity that it is this manifestation… amazing…
    I don’t know if we can force wander?? wonders appears when we realize intimately the infinite possibility…perhaps then wander is not the word..sometime I experience like a tremendous respect, for the magnificent complexity of this existence..and the miracle that it can be cognizable..and the wander, if you want is this constant witness..what is it?? and from where it come from??I heard Papaji saying “I belief no one yet, knows the truth”..The freedom is not to know..but to know that we don’t have to know..then we free, without expectation, to wonder….


    1. HI Antonio!……Yes…”the freedom is not to know..but to know that we don’t have to know”….yes…completely. And this wonder and separation are so spontaneous…….and if we want to talk about “sadness” in all this, I would just say that perhaps it’s sad that this wonder in our thoughts and feelings is so often crushed, in seeking. The compulsion to turn thought from something so beautifully inquisitive into a vehicle towards some imagined haven…..and worse, to cast it out and make it an enemy. Wonder, thought and separation are the most perfect and natural reactions to this “magnificent complexity of this existence” that you put words to so well. Thank you so much for your words.

  3. Hi Jamie,
    Is interesting this dialog…I think when we understand that we can not get out of what we truly are..no mater what we do..the seeking is finish..the problem if there is one..is desire..simply because desire remove our attention from here..from where the wonder happens..see??If there is some sadness or if we wanted to call it like that..is the beauty and wonder that we miss by been some were else instead of here..where everything happens..That is why we went the way of hallucinatory experiences.(as they where call)but really the fascination with thous psicotropics (Mushroom..LSD..even grass is precisely that they bring as to the very present moment..without distraction..and all of a sudden we see a crystal drop of water running slowly on a very green leaf..and because now we are really looking we can see as well very clear, all the veins of the leaf!!!…. We miss all of that no because we are not stone but because we are not interested in looking..we have no time for that.. because we are for the run…after the next object of desire..that is the sadness..how much we miss..and existence it seams to be always contradictory…here now we can said that desire from more presence or awareness, in this case it would be desirable haha..We can also state that meanwhile there is a mind it will be a desire to share,,to blog ..to dialog..it will be teachers and students ..I just wonder if it would not be a mind if still it would be this beautiful blue sky and thous bright shining stars???
    Have a lovely weekend

    1. Hi Antonio
      Yes, the sadness of missing the beauty and wonder where everything happens. But it’s just a way among millions of ways of talking about this, just a flash of feeling, true for the moment in which it arises. Everything is true, in a way……and a thought of escape is just as precious as a dew drop.
      So nice to share this wonder with you….never knowing what I am talking about for more than a moment. Thanks so much for writing…..I really appreciate it.

  4. Hi Georgi,
    Thanks very much for writing. The idea of a “triple miracle” came up for me a while ago to represent what seemed to me to be a cluster of “unlikelinesses”…the biggest one of all being that “this” is happening at all in the first place and then on top of that, the miracle that we are conscious enough to perceive it all as a miracle, a wondrous improbability and to be moved to express it (and have the good fortune of not being alone in this wonderment) and then…after all that, the miracle that it is possible to overlook all of this and proceed with a “horizontal” life without the faintest suspicion that anything odd is going on!
    Anyway, it was just a way of expressing these kinds of ideas which originated for me at quite a young age as I was unable to reconcile the fact that no one around me seemed to be struggling as I was to find a way of talking about this kind of thing.
    Thanks again for writing…I hope you enjoy some of the writings and it’s always great to get reactions to them.
    Best wishes,

  5. Thanks! You’re surely not alone in that! Your writings are precious.
    It is incredibly interesting, this phenomena of normalization – our ability to act as if it is not a miracle. Some would call it sleep. But that insults sleep which is a miracle also.
    I wonder if it is not connected with the concept of “The Preserver” – that which holds form, or freezes us in a stasis to prevent perceptive anarchy. As such it could well draw on existential peace – or consciousness as a perceptive window.
    Interesting! 🙂

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