Note on Blog

I’d like to say a few words about the contents of this blog and why I’ve started it. I may add new ideas to this passage over time and I may rephrase or completely delete things.  I make no claims anywhere in this blog to consistency of view and no claims about any possible value to anyone else.  This is a completely selfish endeavour.

I’ve heard it said, and would agree in my case, that we’re all looking for permission to be poets.  Certainly for me, ever since I can remember, I wanted to share my voice and ideas but was always held back either by the fear of not being understood or by the lack of consistency and constancy of any of my thoughts.

More deeply, though, I think the hesitation to write was a good thing, honest at least.  On some level, writing seemed pointless because all I was really hoping for was recognition from another that my thoughts were aligned with established authorities.  I wanted to find the right club and then become a member.  With this agenda, any original waters of insight just evaporated.

Thought only really becomes interesting when it is untethered, fed by insight that is utterly original.  If we are in the habit of using thought as a vehicle to move us to another point of perception, our writings will reflect this underlying effort and unease.  In very direct times, they will be fraudulent.  So, how does one move from tethered, forced thought to creative insight?

We do not need to speak in terms of permanent shifts from one point to the other, however, to be wholly uncensored and creative are, for me, connected to a deep knowing or trust that we are already home.  Not only are we “at home”, we are our home, and have always been.  We live inside ourselves…..or, to put it another way, you are the only dimension you require.  Yes, reality only requires one dimension, you.

For as long as I have lived without a connection to this conviction, I have felt lacking, incomplete and on a journey of improvement and danger. Consequently, I have only ever been able to speak the language of incompleteness.  I have only wanted to speak in a censored way because this censorship somehow holds the promise of reaching the imagined goal.

In a sense, when I think of censored thought and communication, I am thinking of communication that is in some way supposed to get me somewhere.  It is always communication about an understanding that I hope to achieve, never that is real.  In contrast, the entries in this blog are from the point of having nothing to say.  In other words, I do not believe that anything I say here will deliver me to any other place than here.

Knowing I am home, I am free now to communicate without the prerequisite of being understood or legitimized.  This is my own “God Song” which needs nothing from you.  Indeed, better than focusing on what I have to say, perhaps it’s time for you to start your own.


One thought on “Note on Blog

  1. I needed to read these words. I dream of being a Hip-Hop MC, and then doubt myself out of fear of what others might think. I’m still in tears from reading your piece “Balancing Act”, and want more than anything to be the kind of father my son will grow up to be proud of. Following the heart without fear is all I want for him, and I can only teach by example. Thank You 🙂

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